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Gastrointestinal Cancer Markers
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Gastrointestinal Cancer Markers

Gastrointestinal cancer refers to malignant conditions of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, including the esophagus, stomach, liver, biliary system, pancreas, bowels, and anus.

CA 19-9

  • a useful GI tumor marker and it seems to be better than CEA in some pathologic situations. PMID: 3468674

CA50 and CA242

  • are valuable markers in the diagnosis of digestive tract tumor. PMID: 11367693


  • a new marker for adenocarcinoma of gastrointestinal origin. PMID: 15090846

GST-pi (glutathione-S-transferase-pi)

  • serum GST-pi assays provide a sensitive and reliable marker for gastrointestinal malignancies. PMID: 2910437

Guanylyl cyclase C

  • a marker of intestinal metaplasia, dysplasia, and adenocarcinoma of the gastrointestinal tract. PMID: 15754294

PHI (phosphohexose isomerase)

  • serum PHI can be a useful indicator in the preventive checkup of gastrointestinal and renal cancer in medical practice. PMID: 2207761


  • a tumor marker that could be useful in the follow-up of gastrointestinal cancer patients or the screening of individuals at risk of developing gastrointestinal neoplasms. PMID: 15068392

Tumor M2-PK

  • with the fuzzy logic method and a tumor marker panel (including Tumor M2-PK), a new diagnostic tool for the detection of gastro-intestinal cancers is available. PMID: 16033052
  • might be a valuable marker in gastrointestinal cancer. PMID: 11326648
  • A combination of Tumor M2-PK with the appropriate first choice-marker (e.g. CEA + Tumor M2-PK for colorectal cancer) resulted in a remarkable increase in the sensitivities. PMID: 11326647

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