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Microwave processing
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Microwave processing


I have a question for those who have an insight in the whole landscape of pathologies. I am reading the microwave application book of Dr. Leong (2009). He writes very enthusiastic about fixation and processing with microwaves. I know there are microwave processors for continuous workflow on the market. Now I am curious, how many pathologies use this technology. What do you think? A few percent or rising numbers?

Answer 1.

We have a Sakura VIP5 but we have been processing most of our histopath with DIY-modified microwave and no xylene for several years now. ¬†We still use the old VIP5 in xylene mode for large batches of stuff just to save labor time. I have no idea what others do. ¬

Wayne Johnson DVM, Enable AgTech, Beijing

Answer 2.

From the vendor perspective, we have definitely seen an increase in implementation of our processors. Going to the xylene-free, isopropanol clearing approach has lead to converts because the process is more gentle (xylene can harden dense tissues and over clear small specimens). Before coming to work on the vendor side, I have been using this technology for over 20 years.

Michelle Bell

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