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Kedee Brand: KD-3368AM Fully Automatic Microtome, KD-3358 Ultrathin Semi-Automatic Microtome, KD-2268 Manual Microtome, KD-2260 Rotary Microtome...

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Tissue Embedding Center

Kedee Brand: KD-BM & BL Tissue Embedding & Cooling System, KD-BM III & BL III Tissue Embedding & Cooling System, KD-BM IV & BL IV Tissue Embedding & Cooling System...

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Tissue Processor

Kedee Brand: KD-TSQ1 Automatic Tissue Processor, KD-TS3D1 Automatic Tissue Processor, KD-TS3A Tissue Processor, KD-TS1A Small Type Tissue Processor...

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Tissue Slide Stainer

Kedee Brand: KD-RS Automatic Tissue Slide Stainer, KD-RS2 Automatic Tissue Slide Stainer, KD-RS3 Automatic Tissue Slide Stainer, KD-RS5 Automatic Tissue Slide Stainer, LST-94 Automatic Tissue Slide Stainer, Amos AIHS620 Immunohistochemistry Stainer

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Tissue Floating Bath & Slide Dryer

We have variety of models for you to choose from so there would always be one that can meet your lab requirement - KD-THII Tissue Floatation Workstation (Water Bath & Slide Dryer), KD-P Tissue Water Bath, XH-1001 Tissue Floating Bath...

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Paraffin Dispenser & Wax Trimmer

Paraffin dispenser is a large capacity (2.3 gallon) tabletop style dispenser. Made with durable stainless steel, easy to clean interior. New lid with hole for thermometer. Our new digital paraffin wax trimmer is an efficient appliance for removing excess paraffin...

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Cryostat & Freezing Machine

KD-3000 Cryostat microtome features convenient operation and a modern fully automatic rotary microtome. KD-FM Freezing Machine can be used on regular microtome for user to cut frozen sections without the need of a cryostat...

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Cassette & Slide Printer

Revolutionize your specimen identification with our Embedding Cassette Printer - EM400 Embedding Cassette Printer - SM100 Laser Slide Printer is a lab essential for easy and efficient slide labeling...

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Paraffin Block & Slide cabinet

KD-101 Slide Cabinet can load more than 60,000 pcs of regular sized microscope slides. KD-102 Paraffin Block Cabinet can store totally 11,000 paraffin blocks. KD-103 Slide Cabinet can store totally 9,000 pcs of regular sized slides..

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IHC Detection System

IHC staining is widely used in histopathology labs. We offer the most innovative and complete IHC detection system and it includes the improved Labeled Streptavidin-Biotin System and the most powerful Polymeric Amplification System - high performance, high specificity and high sensitivity, short incubation time at competitive price...

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IHC-Tek Reagent

IHC-Tek products are specially designed for use in IHC, ICC and IF staining of tissue sections and cultured cells. The aim is to simplify staining procedure, enhance staining intensity, and reduce background staining. Our IHC-Tek Epitope Retrieval Solution and Antibody Diluent has been used by thousands of researchers worldwide...

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special Staining Kit

Histology Special Stain made of histological dyes to demonstrate specific structures and cellular components that aid pathologists in the evaluation of diseases. Our NovaUltra Special Stain Kits are pre-diluted and ready to use. A detailed step by step protocol is provided for each kit. It is used by histopathologists worldwide...

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IHC Staining System

StainTray is an user friendly manual IHC staining device and it is very effective for IHC staining. The Super Pap Pen Liquid Blocker is a perfect match for StainTray. IHC-Tek Epitope Retrieval Steamer Set can retrieve all type of antigen including membrane, cytoplasmic and nuclear proteins. EZ-Quick Slide Staining Set can be used for IHC counterstain or other staining protocols...

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Tissue Array Instrument

We offer full range of tissue microarray devices and instruments for constructing tissue array blocks. EZ-TMA Tissue Array Kit, EZ-TMA Tissue Array Mold, Arraymold Kits, Quick-Ray Mold, Quick-Ray Manual Tissue Microarrayer, Quick-Ray Automated Tissue Microarrayer, EZpunch 1500 Manual Tissue Microarrayer, AutoTiss Automatic Tissue Arrayer...

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Cryoembedding System

The cryoembedding system is an innovative frozen tissue embedding and sectioning technology. By using our precision cryoembedding system, one can embed multiple blocks very quickly without the needs of using isopentane, liquid nitrogen or dry ice. The embedded tissues will be no crush artifact, precisely flat and oriented...

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Histology Consumables

We supply high-quality consumables - reagent alcohol, xylene, embedding & mounting medium, glass slides & coverslips, tissue cassettes, slide boxes & cabinets, microtome blades, brush, mark pen, pap pen etc...

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