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Endometrial Cancer (Carcinoma) Markers
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Endometrial Cancer (Carcinoma) Markers

Endometrial cancer involves cancerous growth of the endometrium (lining of the uterus). It mainly occurs after menopause, and presents with vaginal bleeding. A hysterectomy (surgical removal of the uterus) is generally performed.

It is the most common gynecologic cancer in the United States, with over 35,000 women being diagnosed each year in the U.S. Because of effective screening, it is only the third most common cause of gynecologic cancer deaths (behind ovarian and cervical cancer).


  • a possible prognostic marker in early-stage endometrial cancer. PMID: 16243811


  • the serum CA-125 antigen level is a useful indicator of disease response or progression in individuals with papillary serous carcinoma of the endometrium. PMID: 10592103

Cathepsin D

  • Immunohistochemical detection of cathepsin D could aid in predicting prognosis and planning therapy for patients with endometrial adenocarcinoma. PMID: 8664123


  • commonly up-regulated in endometrial cancer and this corroborates the importance of CD24 in tumor progression among these cases. PMID: 17139987


  • expression in the adenocarcinoma component may directly affect the behavior of carcinoma and the prognosis of patients with endometrial carcinomas (EC). PMID: 12747468


  • a technique easy to perform and interpret at the community hospital level, appears to provide prognostic information independent of tumor stage and grade. Such information might be of value in planning postoperative therapies for women with endometrial cancer. PMID: 8898164

FAS (fatty acid synthase)

  • a reliable marker of clinically aggressive endometrial carcinomas. PMID: 14751145


  • In this TMA study on endometrial carcinoma, MCM7 was found to be a more reliable and useful marker than Ki67 in assessing tumour proliferation and in the prognosis of patients. PMID: 15720416


  • deserves further evaluation as a marker for early detection of endometrial cancers and as a prognostic factor for women with apparent early stage disease. PMID: 8137210


  • could predict the effectiveness of MPA treatment for endometrial carcinoma at an early stage of the 4-month period in MPA therapy and could be a useful predicting marker for MPA. PMID: 16515645


  • a significant prognostic marker in endometrial carcinoma. PMID: 11240663

Progesterone Receptor (PR) isoforms (PRA and PRB)

  • loss or absence of PR isoform expression determined by immunohistochemistry could become an important prognostic indicator in patients with endometrioid endometrial carcinoma. PMID: 16999816

Repp 86

  • the evaluation of anti-repp 86 immunostaining is an easily performable and exceptionally reliable method for identifying EC patients with adverse prognosis. PMID: 10452508


  • an immunohistochemically-detected marker with prognostic significance in endometrial carcinoma. PMID: 16033094


  • a marker for detection and prognosis of endometrial cancer. PMID: 17023034

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