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B Cell Markers
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B Cell Markers

B cells are lymphocytes that play a large role in the humoral immune response as opposed to the cell-mediated immune response that is governed by T cells. The abbreviation "B" comes from bursa of Fabricius that is an organ in birds in which avian B cells mature. The principal function of B cells is to make antibodies against soluble antigens. B cells are an essential component of the adaptive immune system.



  • an early cell surface marker of human B cell activation and expressed on both activated and lymphoblastoid cells. PMID: 2984280


  • expressed on B cells as well as on a subset of macrophages. PMID: 2649381


CD20 (L26)

  • cell membrane protein. PMID: 16285718
  • pan B cell marker. PMID: 8839435
  • well established as a B-cell marker of high specificity for use in paraffin-embedded tissues. PMID: 12360049
  • expression of CD20 on B-cells closely parallels that of FMC7 antigen. PMID: 9579603
  • an important therapeutic target in the treatment of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL). PMID: 16285718



  • B cell differentiation marker. PMID: 7658146PMID: 7829271
  • a glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored cell surface molecule, has been identified as a B-cell marker that is lost during cell maturation. PMID: 7829271




  • expression is not restricted to B lineage cells in mouse strains expressing the CD72(b) allele; instead, a population of T lineage cells in these mice also expresses CD72. PMID: 8995186

CD79a, CD79b



  • expressed on chicken B cells throughout most of their development, as well as on some non-lymphoid cells. PMID: 8662088


  • a disease-specific B cell marker with a world-wide distribution. PMID: 12030895


  • a 105-kDa B cell restricted antigen which is expressed on about 50% of adult human peripheral blood B cells. PMID: 1697282
  • delineates a subpopulation of B lymphocytes in normal blood. PMID: 6427340
  • human B cell differentiation antigen. PMID: 1697282
  • detects an antigen present on only a subset of circulating B lymphocytes. PMID: 11309819
  • expression of CD20 on B-cells closely parallels that of FMC7 antigen. PMID: 9579603
  • modulated CD23 expression. PMID: 11857591PMID: 11309819


  • a highly effective pan B cell marker that can be detected in paraffin sections. PMID: 3263805


  • a mouse gene expressed specifically in normal germinal center (GC) B cells. PMID: 15677569
  • germinal center-associated lymphoma (HGAL) gene is the human homolog of M17. PMID: 15677569


Pax-5 (BSAP)

  • an pan-B and pan-pre-B-cell marker. PMID: 12360049
  • a B-cell-specific transcription factor, the expression of which is detectable as early as the pro-B-cell stage and subsequently in all further stages of B-cell development until the plasma cell stage. PMID: 12360049


  • a B cell activation marker. PMID: 2474446
  • a unique B-cell differentiation marker for study of B-cell activation and differentiation. PMID: 8258455

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