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Tissue falling off slides
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Tissue falling off slides


I work with whole mount prostate blocks that I cut and stain for IHC manually. I use superfrost plus slides that I purchase from the Brain Research Laboratories. I airdry the slides after sectioning and then they are placed in a rack and dried in a 60 degree oven overnight. On some of the slides the tissue still lifts off the slides usually it is where there is tumor. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Answer 1.

Do you put anything else in your water bath besides deionized water?

Richard Cartun

Morphologic Proteomics

Answer 2.

1) Try tap water

2) Try hydrophilic IHC slides


Answer 3.

I used to have that problem. A senior histologist from BioCare recommended to air dry the slides overnight and then bake them. I have not had the problem since.

Rachel Gonzalez

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