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Microwave Processing
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Microwave Processing


Is there anyone that is super familiar with microwave processing? I really need some help. I am having trouble with my tissue and I think it's the processing. I don't know what else it would be. We moved to a new building so I don't know if the power could be stronger and its changing the way it processes or what. I have tried messing with the program times and temps but I cannot figure it out. My blocks keep having what looks like knife lines but it's not the microtomes. The only change has been moving into a brand new building.

Answer 1.

Maybe look into getting a line conditioner for your tissue processors. Your tissue processor vendor may have some suggestions.

Brian D. Cooper, HT (ASCP)CMQIHCCM| Histology Supervisor

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Children's Hospital Los Angeles

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Answer 2.

What does a line conditioner do? The company was bought out recently and basically has no employees so I have no one to help me.

Tasha Campbell

Answer 3.

They may make a combo UPS/line conditioner. That would be ideal. Line conditioners stabilize and protect against power spikes/surges.


Answer 4.

I use microwave processing exclusively. First of all, are you making sure that each reagent is completely extracted before the next reagent is administered? I know the tissue cannot be completely dry, but all residue reagent should be siphoned off before the next one goes in. This is especially important when dehydrating the tissue with ethanol, acetone, or polypropylene reagents. I usually do at least 3 resin changes if not 4. Curing the resin is another issue I've seen. Even though protocol says to cure for three days, I have found curing for a week is better. Especially important to cure the resin blocks longer in humid, rainy, or cold environments. Another issue is the diamond knives. Make sure that your clearance angle is correct and the water in the boat meets the knife edge, if you are doing TEM. Check those things and happy sectioning.


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