Tissue Microarray Instruments and Kits


IHC World offers full range of tissue microarray devices and equipments for constructing tissue microarrays. EZ-TMA Manual Tissue Microarray Kits are designed for constructing small number of paraffin tissue microarrays in the easiest way. Our Arraymold Kits allow you to constructing up to 40 paraffin or frozen tissue microarrays manually. Quick-Ray Molds allow users to make TMA paraffin recipient blocks at low cost and the core sizes of each mold is perfectly match with the Quick-Ray Manual TMA Punchers. The new generation Quick-Ray Automated Tissue Microarrayer has convenience with a touch screen LCD monitor to build tissue microarrays in a quick and innovative way. AutoTiss Arrayer is one of the most innovative invention, compact and fully automatic.


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EZ-TMA Manual Tissue Microarray Kits

IHC World is now introducing a new series of EZ-TMATM Tissue Microarray Kits that can be applied to any laboratories for constructing tissue arrays without the need of specialized equipment and training, offering a good alternative for the wider applications of tissue arrays in cancer research and drug discovery.


Arraymold Manual Tissue Microarrayer

IHC World is now introducing a new tissue arrayer - Arraymold, which is easy, fast, accurate and inexpensive. Most importantly, this tissue arrayer can be used for constructing both paraffin and frozen tissue microarrays.


EZpunch Manual Tissue Microarrayer

It is a compact, hand carry manual tissue microarray (TMA) arrayer, durable and easy design make the researchers daily tissue array routine work easier.


AutoTiss One Semi-Automatic Tissue Microarrayer

AuotTiss One is a compact, hand carry semi-automated tissue microarray (TMA) arrayer. A most cost-effiective upgrade kit for manual TMA puncher.



Quick-Ray Mold - Tissue Microarray Mold

For those who concerns over the price of premade recipient blocks, Quick-Ray Mold is an alternative solution. Made from silicon material, Quick-Ray Mold allows users to build paraffin recipient blocks by themselves at a lower cost. The core sizes of each mold is perfectly match with punchers of Quick-Ray. If stored and handed with care, hundreds of paraffin blocks can be produced by the Quick-Ray Mold.



Quick-Ray Manual Tissue Microarrayer

Quick-Ray Manual Tissue Microarrayer, a device manufactured with the latest state-of-the art technology, allow researchers to build high quality, low cost tissue arrays in an innovative way. The Quick-Ray Kit is handy, portable, simple, and easy to use so one can create various sized tissue microarrays in a very short period of time.


Quick-Ray Automated Tissue Microarrayer

Our computer aided Quick Ray Master® is the ultimate automated version of our QuickRay® that has integrated a PC running under Windows XP® to our tissue micro arrayer. The operation is with a touch screen LCD monitor and has multiple connection port with four USB , one LAN interface for internet and one DVI port for external display connection.


AutoTiss Fully Automated Tissue Microarrayer

One of the most innovative invention. Compact and FULLY automated, tissue microarray (TMA) arrayer, which significantly helps the researchers to decrease the time and labor in creating blocks. It can hold up to 10 blocks at a time and five 0.6, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5mm punchs sizes are available.



IHC World Online Store

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