KEDEE Histopathology Instruments


KEDEE Histopathology instruments are widely used in the hospital at all levels, medical and life science division, agricultural and forestry institute, epidemic prevention center, veterinary center, public security and legal medical experts office, scientific research institute and laboratory etc.



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Tissue Processor


KD-TSQ1 Dehydrator                                                                              Price: $19,500



Technical Specifications:

◆Bottle amount : 12. 1 - 9 for dehydration reagent,  14 - 16 for cleaning agent 
◆Nos of Reagent Station: 12
◆Tissue Processing Station: NO.1 to No.9 Station
◆Washing Station: No.14 to No.16 Station
◆Nos of Wax Tank: 3(No.10,12 and 13)
◆Nos of Working Station: 1
◆Capacity of Processing Station: 9Liters
◆Capacity of Reagent Station :6L
◆Temp.of Processing Station: 
◆Medium is the solvent: ≤45℃
◆Medium is the Wax: 58℃-70℃
◆Operation pressure:<0.1Mpa
◆Wax temperature :58℃-70℃
◆Wax melt time not more than 3 hours 
◆Power input:<1500VA+10%
◆Time for immerse: 0 - 99 hours 59 minutes
◆Working Voltage:220VAC±10%,50/60HZ
◆Time for Inflow Liquid: no more than 5Min
◆Time for Exclude Liquid: no more than 5Min
◆Stirring time:  set randomly
◆Interval time for Stirring: set randomly
◆Operation mode: manual and automatic

Main Features:

◆Operator Interface of 15 inch color LCD touch screen
◆Enclosed Tissue treatment system with no pollution of gas leakage, to meet requirement of environmental protection.
◆Mode of Sample processing: Sample not move, Reagent move. 
it can avoid the risk of  power failure of machine, or other mechanical failure.
◆Timing Mode: Finishing time of tissue processing any day in the week can be set
◆Fuction of Protection System of Power Failure. Once main power restored, the previous protocols is automatically resumed and continue to work in order.
◆10 Set of Programmes stored in the system  and can be set for purpose.
◆Special design of Reagent Station makes the liquid totally back-flow to avoid any mixture and to extend using time of reagent.
◆Patented design of cassette holder makes reagent and samples thoroughly contact with each other,it improves effection of tissue processing and reduce working time.
◆Dual Purpose of processing: one key switch normal processing motion and Rapid processing motion
Rapid Processing motion stirred in day time finished in 3 hours, Normal Processing Motion stirred in the evening.
◆Device for Air pressure transfer: Formal air pressure transfer of several solenoid valves replaced by One single mechanical structure replace formal in order to avoid high fault error.
◆Fuction for changing wax automatically:
Wax in No.1 Container wash into waste container, then wax in NO.2 container goes into No.1 Container, then No.3 goes into No.2 and so on
◆Fuction of over temperature protection occured by accidental heating 
◆Fuction for magnetic stirring which shorten time of tissue processing and make good processing effection.
◆Alarm and Screen display when finishing work.
◆Capacity of tissue processing: 400pcs cassette at most.

 KD-TS3D1, Automatic Tissue Processor                                                 Price: $9,800





  • The cover is elegent with fluent line and it is spraying with APS engineering plastic which has high-intensity, anticorrosion function  and easy to clean. With key parts imported, it runs steadily without noise and comply with theory of ergonomics

  • 20 sets of programme, broad screen touch LCD, with man-machine dialogue inerface, prompt identifying can be made in abnormal situation to make sure each operation can be indicated (online help)

  • The intelligent design gives the ability to deal with abnormal situation automatically. The synchronous animation show the present working process clearly

  • Environment-friendly inner circulated air cleaning system absorb, remove and decompose toxic and harmful gass in the instrument

  • Randomly setting start-up time and automatically showing finish time, make sure task is finished in stipulated time

  • 10-60s adjustable time of dropping liquid, shaking basket, and drop liquid above cylinder once exchange cylinder to avoid liquid mix from one bath to another, in this way, service time of reagent can be prolonged, aviod dirty on the table

  • 0-6 times/min adjustable stirring times (0 shows no-stirring), make sure all tissues immersed thorough, evenly and completed enough

  • Once power-off, protecting station No. 1-7 can be set, position of protecting station can be adjusted as required

Technical specification:

  • Numbers of stations: 12 (no.10, 11 and 12 are wax dispensing cylinder)

  • Volume of each station: 2 liter

  • Range of temperature: ambient-80 C

  • Temperature tolerance: +/-1 C
    Processsing time of each station: anytime (No.1 station) 0-24 hrs (other stations)

  • Time of exchange station, delay, leachate:10-60s (adjustable), and leachate, basket shaking  work above cylinder

  • Tissue protecting stations: No 1 - No 7 (adjustable)

  • Voltage: AC220V/50Hz, AC110V/60Hz

  • Power: 1000VA

  • Dimension: 1135x480x490 mm

  • Weight: 88kg


  • Self-control fan, it automatically starts up once basket goes up; as basket goes downwards, fan works 10s per min

  • Self-control illuminating lamp, it starts up in programming; touch any key to prolong to 2 min as the instrument is running

  • Waterless inner heating, high precision of controlling

  • Low energy-consuming control circuit, self-protection once power-off; display panel is still illumed and scrolling  panel indicats it's self-protecting situation as power-off, and time of running is more than 30 hrs

  • It can manually add the tissue during the auto running mode. Customer can check and add the tissue conveniently during operation process .

  • More than 150 tissues can be processed at a time

KD-TS3A Tissue Processor                                                                    Price: $8,200



It is a close tissue processor that is the perfect combination of proven technology and a modern, functionally enhanced design. Gentle specimen processing and maximum safety at all stages of processing are the result of robust engineering design based on proven and precise mechanics in conjunction with a friendly user interface.



  • Electrical: Working voltage: 110/220 VAC, frequency: 50/60Hz

  • Power: 800 W

  • Overall dimensions: 1000x420x450 mm (LxWxD)

  • Dry weight: 80 kg

  • Wax baths: Number: 3

  • Capacity: 1.0 L

  • Temperature range: ambient temperature to 99°C

  • Temperature tolerance: + 1°C

  • Reagent containers: Number 9

  • Capacity: 1.0 L

  • Infiltration time in reagent containers: 1 min-99 hours

  • Infiltration time in wax baths: 1 min-24 hours.

  • Interval of infiltration in the stations: 30 seconds

  • Interval of lifting up tissue basket for vibration: 15 seconds

  • Standard tissue basket: Number: 1 (2 optional)

  • Capacity: approx. 80 cassettes

  • Programs: Number: 12, freely selectable.

Technical specifications:

  • Tissue baskets made of metal with varying capacities of up to 80 cassettes.

  • Ergonomic control panel with LCD.

  • Delayed start function up to 99 hours.

  • Infiltration time separately programmable for each station.

  • Possibility of interrupting an automatic process for reloading or removing cassettes for special applications before the end of a run.

  • Easy editing and changing of programs, even during a processing run.

  • Audible alarms, advanced safety concept.

  • Glass encloser.


  • Re-circulated atmosphere depurative system that absorbing unhealthy volatilization gas.

  • Anhydrous heating element.

  • UPS build-up, power backup.

  • Noiseless.

KD-TS1A Tissue Processor (Small Type)                                                Price: $7,800



Technical Specifications:
■Number of stations: 12 (9 reagent stations,3 paraffin stations)
■ Volume of station: 700 ml
■ Time setting: 0~99hours(No. 1 station)
                        0~24hours(other stations)
■ Temperature pre-setting range: ambient~99degrees
■ Leach liquor time: approx. 30seconds
■ Tissue protecting station: No.7 station
■ Working voltage: AC 220V , 50Hz / 110V ,60Hz
■ Power draw: 500 VA
■ Heating control: heating start when basket goes into No.2 station,energy-saving
■ Dimension: 1000x450x420 mm
■ Net weight: 75kg


■APS engineering plastics,high intensity, anti-corrosion, streamline design, elegant appearance, save reagent, low cost, economical and work well.
■Body of this machine is small,convenient to operate, it adopts monolithic computer controlling technics, complete fuction, body made of organic glass, fuction of gas exhausting, good sealability, environment-friendly and safe
■ With a capacity of at least 40 pcs tissue can be processed one time
■ Work continue in case of instant power failure or switch off once machine is working
■No-water internal heating system, high precision of temperature controlling
■Two dimension soft driving sytems, low noise, resistant to wear
■High presision photoelectric register control system, stable performance,high presion positioning
■Intelligent design, instant identification in case of problems. Memory fuction in built-in procedure.



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