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KEDEE Histopathology instruments are widely used in the hospital at all levels, medical and life science division, agricultural and forestry institute, epidemic prevention center, veterinary center, public security and legal medical experts office, scientific research institute and laboratory etc.



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KD-2950 Semi-Automatic Cryostat Microtome                                            Price: $16,800





Technical Specifications:

  • Freezing chamber temperature range: between -10 C to -30 C.

  • Cooling down time to -30 C: 60 min.

  • Freeze shelf minimum temperature: -45 C.

  • Lowest temperature of peltier unit on freeze shelf: -55 C.

  • Peltier working time: 15 minutes.

  • Maximum specimen size: 35mm x35mm.

  • Vertical stroke: 60mm, Object feed: 20mm.

  • Coarse feeding speed: 0.7mm/s; 0.35mm/s.

  • Section thickness range: 1μm-80μm adjustable.

    • 1μm-20μm, in 1μm increment

    • 20μm-40μm, in 2μm increments

    • 40μm-80μm, in 5μm increments

  • Trimming thickness range: 10μm-400μm, adjustable.

    • 10μm-50μm, in 5μm increments

    • 50μm-100μm, in 10μm increments

    • 100μm-400μm, in 50μm increments

  • Retraction range: 0-80μm adjustable; in 5μm increment.

  • Voltage and frequency: AC220V~10% 50HZ(Standard) Special requirement (AC110V) may customize by order.

  • Power : 850VA.

  • Dimension(WX DX H): 660x640x1130mm.

  • Net weight: 130kg.



  • It is designed under overall engineering and ergonomic concept. All the components are processed with computer numerical controlled machine.

  • Specimen retraction function, protects specimen from blade injury.

  • Trimming/Cutting button makes it easy to switch from trim and section mode.

  • Equip with counter to calculate total pieces and thickness.

  • Dual compressors, which are made in Germany, freeze the Cryostat chamber, freezing shelf, knife holder and specimen Clamp separate with pro-environment refrigerant R404.

  • Temperature can drop to working condition in 60 minutes after switching on.

  • Adopt to UVC sterilize for 35 minuts every time.

  • Peltier may be on or off manually.

  • Heated, removable sliding window.

  • Two defrost methods: definite time and manual.

  • The high-precision microtome is enclosed outside the cryostat chamber to protect it from thermal expansion and contraction and keep minimum service and maintenance.

  • Self-explanatory symbols for all functions and displays, easy to learn and operate.

  • LCD screen can display date such as sample travel, thickness, function controlling ,day, time, temperature,
    timed on/off and so on.

  • Stand by mode, after initializing, the temperature in cryostat chamber can be controlled between -4 C and -9 C by computer automatically; when stop initializing, the temperature in freeze chamber will arrive to working temperature within 10 minutes.

  • Control panel with locking function to avoid wrong operation.

  • Handwheel locking.

  • Sensor self-diagnosis function.

  • Wide freezing shelf may put 10 specimen cassettes.

KD-3000 Touch Screen Cryostat Microtome                                           Price: $19,800




KD-3000 Cryostat Microtome features convenient operation and a modern fully automatic rotary microtome. For extra convenience the system includes a spacious stainless-steel chamber, 24 easily accessible freezing positions and well illuminated cooling chamber that can be effectively cooled down to -40 C.


  • Parameter:
  • Chamber Temperature: from-10~ -40
  • Specimen Head Temperature: -10~ -40
  • Time to reach -40 C of the quick-freeze shelf: 60 minutes
  • Lowest possible temperature of the Peltier element: -45 C
  • Lowest possible temperature of the Peltier elementtogether with quick-freeze shelf: below -60 C
  • Running time of the Peltier element:15minutes
  • Maximum Specimen Size: 35mmx35mm
  • Specimen Vertical Stroke: 60mm
  • Specimen Horizontal Stroke: 20mm
  • Electric Coarse Feed:rapid 7mm/s; slow 0.35mm/s
  • The section thickness is adjusted in a range of 1μm to100μm

      1μm-20μm     increments 1μm;

     20μm 40μm    increments 2μm;

     40μm-100μm    increments 5μm;

  • Trim Section Thickness Feed: adjusted in the range of 10μm to 400μm

    10μm 50μm     increments 5μm;

    50μm-100μm    increments 10μm;

    100μm-400μm   increments 50μm;

  • Specimen RetractionDistance: adjustable in a range of 0 ~ 80μm, in 5μm increments
  • Working Voltage: AC220V+/-10%50Hz (standard model); AC110V+/-10%60Hz
  • Power: 600W
  • Dimensions: 650x805x1160mm(WxDxH)
  • Net Weight: 115kg



  • This model has an ergonomic design and is manufactured using numerically-controlled machine tools;
  • A specimen retraction function protects the specimen from blade damage;
  • A trim button allows for easy switching between trim and sectioning mode;
  • Includes a counting function for the number of sections and the total thickness;
  • The cryogenic refrigeration system utilizes a forced cooling structure. The refrigeration chamber, freezing shelf, blade holder, and specimen holder are cooled independently by a German double compressor to enhance cooling performance and increase cooling speed.
  • Imported R404A non-CFC refrigerants thatare environment-friendly;
  • Achieves the desirable sectioning temperature within 20 minutes after turning on the unit when using the fast cooling mode;
  • UV option enables surface disinfection of harmful bacteria, viruses, and spores by using35 min after each use; It also has low-voltage DC shadowless lamp;
  • Semiconductor cooling function can be turned on and off;
  • Hearable and removable glass door;
  • Two defrosting modes: time defrosting and manual defrosting;
  • Microtome is outside of the refrigeration chamber to avoid the effect of heat-expansion and cold-contraction, thus minimizing the need for maintenance;
  • User-friendly intelligent operational interface is easy to learn and operate;
  • LCD screen displays the number of sections and the total thickness, section thickness, specimen retraction value, temperature setting, date, time, temperature and on/off timerare all included on the main display;
  • Auto sleep function results in longer compressor life: the cryo-chambertemperature automatically stays in a range of -1 to -9 C under the sleep mode, and returns to the sectioning temperature within 15 minutes after canceling the sleep mode;
  • Keyboard locking function to avoid accident misoperation;
  • A mechanical hand-wheel lock ensure safe chamber access, 16 position for locking;
  • The red bar on the blade holder covers the whole length of blade to protect the user and the push bar enables easy changing of the blade;
  • A large-size quick-freezing shelf allows for the preparation of 26specimens at the same time; Two holes for semiconductor refrigeration;
  • It has cleaning device, easy help customer to clean the unit;
  • Specimen Orientation:XY -12; Z -360 adjustable at any orientations to ensure precise placement;
  • Self-detection function for the temperature senor, can helpto warn the failure on temperature senor.


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