Enhanced Immunohistochemistry Detection Systems


Polymeric Methods:



GBI Polink Polymer Detection Systems

Polymer-based HRP detection systems are widely accepted as the most sensitive in the field of immunohistochemistry. Current technologies, however, do not work well with rabbit, goat, and rat primary antibodies. Our new technology, Polink Series, completely solves this problem while demonstrating Super Sensitivity on mouse and rabbit antibody. Polink-2 Plus Series also offer customers a wide choice to work with single species including rabbit, mouse, goat, rat. Polink-2 Plus uses antibody specified enhancer to further amplify the signal of polymer enzyme conjugates, therefore is able to achieve Super Sensitivity and Specificity.


Product Features:

  1. 3rd generation of polymer  (non-biotin) system, avoid endogenous biotin background completely

  2. Compatible with either manual or automated systems

  3. Ultra sensitive 2-step polymer system. Excellent results on difficult-to-work antibodies and nuclear staining

  4. Single species detection capacity

Simple Protocol:
  1. Application of primary antibody
  2. Application of enzyme labeled polymer
  3. Application of the substrate chromogen