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Histology Equipment Catalog

Microtome, Cryostat, Tissue Processor, Tissue Embedding and Cooling Systems, Slide Stainer, Tissue Floating Bath, Slide Warmer/Dryer, Paraffin Trimmer, Immuno-Stainer, Slide and Paraffin Block Cabinet.


Tissue Microarray Instrument Catalog

EZ-TMA Kits, Arraymold Kits, Quick-Ray Sets, Quick-Ray Master UATM Fully-Automated Tissue Microarray Devices and Galileo TMA CK Series


Histology & IHC Reagents and Supplies Catalog

IHC Antibodies, IHC-Tek Reagents, IHC Staining System, Special Stain Kits, Histology Reagent including Fixatives, Dehydrants, Clearing Agents, Tissue Embedding Medium, Stains, Chemicals, Mounting Medium, Histology Supplies including Microscope Slide Storage Boxes, Tissue Embedding Cassettes, Slide Folders and Mailers, Microscope Slides and Coverslips, Cassette Storage Drawers, Embedding Base Molds, Biopsy Foam Pads and Bags, Markers and Pens, Super PAP Pen Liquid Blocker for IHC, Microtome Blades, Slide Drain Rack, Tissue Forceps, Brushes, Razor Blades, Filter Papers, Funnels, Transfer Pipettes, Tube Racks, Freezer Boxes and More.


Histology Service Price List

IHC World offers a full range of histology and TEM services including Routine & Customized Histology, Neurohistology, Bone Histology, Histopathology, Tissue Microarray, Immunohistochemistry (IHC), Immunofluorescence (IF, ICC), Apoptosis Detection (TUNEL Staining), Whole Mount IHC and Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM). We also provide hands-on training, consulting, professional and technical support services. With over 20 years combined academic and industrial experiences, we are confident that IHC World will achieve high quality work and guarantee you complete satisfaction from project design, development to completion. Please feel free to give us a call to request a price quotation or talk with one of our scientists for any questions you may have in mind.


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If you have any questions or need more information regarding our products and services, please contact us at sales@ihcworld.com