Paraffin Block Trimmer

Price: $25,800

The Paraffin Block Trimmer ( generally called Wax Trimmer, Paraffin Trimmer, Wax Remover, Paraffin Remover, Dewaxer etc) is one of the histology equipment using for the research. 

The Paraffin Block Trimmer enables the researchers to trim the paraffin blocks automatically. This instrument removes only paraffin residues around the paraffin blocks without damage to the tissue samples or the plastic cassette.

When users load the paraffin blocks finished the embedding process, the blocks moves to trim the paraffin residues into the instrument and the trimmed block is discharged from the outlet of the instrument.

Eventually, this instrument also enables to save the research time and to prevent the users from any injuries caused by the conventional trimming way.


1) Save time and labor of researchers

2) Protect researchers from physical damages by conventional trimming tools like razor.

3) Max. 800 paraffin blocks can be trimmed in an hour.

4) Semipermanant life time of trimming modules (Cutting blade replacement is unnecessary)

5) Check trimmed block quantity on the LCD Panel.

6) LCD Panel shows the status of trimming process

7) Suitable for various kinds of embedding cassettes.

How to Use

1. Check the power line connection . Turn on the main power switch located at the bottom of left side. Then “Stand by / Press START” will appear on the LCD display. 

2. Press Start button to initialize the trimmer. Then “UNITMA CO., LTD. / Initializing…” will appear on LCD display shortly, followed by “Stand by / Pls load blocks”. 

3. Press Pause button and load paraffin blocks on the tray #2 

4.Press Start to start trimming.

5. When the conveyor belt is moving, continue to load blocks on the tray #1 to trim other blocks. Then, “Running / Block count: xx” will appear in the LCD panel. Trimmed blocks will come out of the outlet on the front of the trimmer.

With the sensors in the tray #2, the trimmer can recognize the block and its direction. When there is no block on the tray #2, the trimmer will trim the previously loaded blocks and stop. 

In order to continue trimming when the previously loaded blocks were trimmed completely and the trimmer stopped, pressPause and load a block on the tray #2, then press Start, and then, continue to load blocks only on the tray #1 afterward. 

6. When the required blocks are finished, turn the main switch off. 

Paraffin Blocks


(Before Trimming)                                       (After Trimming) 

• In case of the temporary stop required, press Pause button.

When the user wants to start trimming again, load a block on the tray #2 , and press Start button. Continue to load blocks only on the tray #1 afterward. (step 3~5)

• In case of emergencies, press Emergency button. Then the trimmer will stop instantly.

When the problem is solved, restart the trimmer by turning Emergency button clockwise. To restart trimming, follow the same steps as the power of trimmer is first turned on (step 1~5)

• in case which a block is loaded in the improper direction on the tray, short beeps will repeat and the trimmer will stop with showing “ Stand by / Change direction ” on LCD display.

Please change the direction of the block and load it again to continue trimming.

• When the conveyor belt or the trimming module is jammed by the deviated blocks from the tray or other foreign materials. ”Check Trimmer / Remove Block ” will appear on the LCD display with the long beeps repeatedly.

Please open the front door and clear the trouble. 

• When the trash box is full of the paraffin debris, three short beeps will repeat and “ Clean Trash box ” will appear. Then, please take the trash box out and empty it.




Nominal Power supply voltages

Switchable Voltage (100 to 240 V)

Nominal supply current

4.5 A @ 30V

Nominal frequency

50 / 60 Hz

Weight (net)

50 kg

Max Size (W x D x H)

725 x 325 x 470 mm

Operating temperature range

Room temperature

Transportation/storage temperature range

Room temperature

Relative humidity

Max. 80% non-condensing

Humidity during transportation/storage

< 80%

Operating control SW

MICOM (PIC) type


LCD panel (70 x 25mm), Dot Matrix type

Trimming capacity

about 800 blocks per hour

Operating environment

Indoor use only

Main voltage fluctuation

100V to 240V 10%

Certification / Approval