How to Use the Guide to Build 1 mm Tissue Microarrays with

Quick-RayTM Manual Tissue Microarrayer


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1. Put the recipient block into the prop hole at bottom side.

2. Fit the 1mm guide on the prop.

3. Extract the marked tissue from the donor block by using Quick-Ray needle.

4. With fixing the prop by hand, insert the Quick-Ray needle into the guide hole, and put the extracted tissue into the recipient block hole by pushing the knob down.

5. Remove the guide and recipient block from the prop.

6. Put the recipient block into embedding mold with cutting section faced down and incubate it in Oven at 60 ºC for 30 minutes

7. Take out the recipient block (disposable base) when it turns completely transparent. Pour the paraffin (64°C) and place the cassette array on top of the paraffin.


8. Solidify the block in cold plate

9. Cutting (microtome)

In case of using 2, 3 and 5mm recipient block, insert the extracted tissue directly into the recipient block without the guide by pushing the Quick-Ray knob down.


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