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Tissue Floating Bath and Slide Dryer


TEC-2500 Tissue Bath - Slide Dryer                                                             Price: $1,950


Structure: The main structure of the equipment is as follows:

  • Oven

  • Bath Tank

  • Warmer 

  • Display panel


The pathologic microtome section bath & slide dryer has the characteristics of integral design, beautiful appearance, compact structure, digitalization temperature control and stable performance. The program control system makes operation easier and more reliable. It can be widely used in such institutions as hospitals and scientific and research universities.


Technical Parameter:

  • Temperature range: Bath Tank: room temperature~90 C, the most favorable temperature is in 45. Oven: room temperature~90, the most favorable temperature is in 70 C. Warmer: room temperature~90, the most favorable temperature is in 70 C.

  • Input voltage: 220V +/- 10% at 50/60Hz or 110V +/- 10% at 50/60Hz 

  • Rated Power: 450W

  • Outside Dimensions (mm): 550 x 340 x 140

  • Weight: 9 kg


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