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Every product is put through vigorous tests before shipment to ensure performance as well as durability. We feel quality control is a very crucial part of a product's life span. Our products have been thoroughly tested over a wide range of operating conditions. In order to ensure our product quality and reliability as well as to give the best service to every customer, all HESTION Histology products offered include warranty supported by our individual distributors with factory backup.



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Tissue Embedding System


TEC-2800 Tissue Embedding System                                                          Price: $9,800



Details Description
This model embedding center is incorporates two separate components,  heated paraffin dispensing module, cold plate and thermal plate. The independent unit offer the flexibility to ensure embedding workflow in either direction to suit the user's needs.
The embedding center is the ideal modular tissue embedding machine for the discerning customer. The mold and cassette warming trays are located at the same level and interchangable to accommodate individual workflow requirements.
The model is to meet all the embedding requirements of the modern histology laboratory. 



The Embedding Centre is made up of three modules:

the control module, the cold stage and the work stage. The modular design gives serviceability and reliability.



  • Separate modules: Cold Plate, Paraffin dispenser and Thermal console

  • Easy to clean

  • Large well drained mould oven

  • Simple and robust design

  •  Large display

  • Large capacity paraffin reservoir

  • Good ergonomic layout

  • Easy-to-use controller

  • Socket for heated forceps 

  • Auto on/off set from Monday to Sunday

TEC-2800M Tissue Embedding Center                                                          Price: $5,800




Working surface

  • The tissue embedding cassettes and base molds trays are removable to accommodate in embedding workflow and can be set at different temperatures.

  • The heated forceps holder can be set at the preferred temperature and six holes be available.

  • The ergonomic large working surface allows processing many samples at the same time.

  • The setting knobs allow to adjust the precise paraffin flow.

  • The large work surface allows draining of the excess paraffin into two large waste trays and allows processing many cassettes at the same time.

  • It can be set heating automatically from Monday to Sunday as user requirement timing.

  • The display panel allows convenience, quick operation.

  • New functions: The time of Switch off automatically can be set as user need.


The heated paraffin dispensing module for 4L liquid paraffin reservoir with a spacious heated working surface and storage capabilities for both cassettes and molds. Uniquely designed with microprocessor temperature sensors, each single console which maximizes space utilization, multifunctional work stations. The entire unit is encased in a durable housing.


Cold Spot

  • The cold spot peltier is designed to orient even small and big cassettes.

  • The temperature range is from room temp. to -5 C.

  • It is convenience.

Technical parameter:

  • Nominal supply voltage: 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz

  • Maximum power draw:1000VA

  • Working temperature (increments 1 C): Paraffin Tank: form ambient to 90 C, Cassettes/molds tray: from ambient to  90 C, Working table: from ambient to  90 C, Refrigerating and positioning table: from ambient to  -5 C, Forceps Holder: 65 C constant.

  • Capacity: Paraffin reservoir:4 Liter,Cassettes/molds tray: 1.4 Liter.

  • Dimensions : Width:560mm,Depth:640mm, Height:400mm.

  • Net Weight: 26kg

TEC-2800C Cold Plate/Cryo Console                                                           Price: $2,600





Working Surface

  • It can be placed 60 cassettes.

  • Compressor cooled work surface offers cooling soonest.

  • Stand alone unit near microtome/embedding unit.

  • It may be placed randomly up to user operating habit.

  • New Improved: Used New design to ensure the best stability cooling performance.


The Cryo console is composed of a compressor cooled work surface held to chill the paraffin blocks rapidly. In combination with the heated embedding center ZMN 7803  and also can be used as a stand alone unit near microtome station.It is the best suits the laboratory.


Technical Parameter:

  • Nominal supply voltage:220V/50Hz or110V/60Hz

  • Maximum power draw:1000VA

  • Working temperature:from ambient to -15 C increments 1 C.

  • Dimensions: Width: 340mm, Depth: 540mm, Height: 390mm

  • Weight: 24kg

TEC-2800T Thermal Console                                                                       Price: $1,980




Working Surface

  • It is removable in order to facilitate cleaning operations.

  • Stand alone unit near microtome/embedding unit.

  • It may be placed randomly up to user operating habit.


Thermal Console holds processed tissue specimens, in any type of cassettes, awaiting paraffin embedment. Stores and warms specimens in a large paraffin tank.


Technical Parameter:

  • Nominal supply voltage: 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz

  • Maximum power draw:400VA

  • Working temperature:from ambient to 75 C increments 1 C.

  • Capacity: Paraffin tray: 2.5 Liter

  • Dimensions:  Width: 300mm, Depth: 540mm, Height: 390mm

  • Weight:: 7.5 kg

TEC-2900 Paraffin Trimmer                                                                          Price: $398




Working Surface

  • The heated surface temperature can be set from ambient to 99 C.

  • Scraping the embedded block on the grooved plane heated surface, the excess paraffin will be removed leaving the cassette clean and ready to be set properly on the clamp of the Microtome. It is to replace labor intensive knife trimming of embedded paraffin blocks.

  • Stand alone unit near microtome/embedding unit.

  • It may be placed randomly up to user operating habit.



Histo trim is a practical device designed to remove excess paraffin from the embedding cassettes after inclusion of specimens.


Technical Parameter:

  • Nominal supply voltage:220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz

  • Working temperature:from ambient to 99 C increments 1 C.

  • Dimensions: Width: 215mm, Depth: 150mm,  Height: 170mm

  • Weight: 2 kg


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