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AIHS 620 Immunohistochemistry Stainer                                                  Price: $38,000



  • Power failure safeguard: If any power failure occurs in operation, the external UPS will provide power supply to keep the procedures running continually. The whole system will stop working if the power in UPS is exhausted. Then as soon as connected to the external power supply, the system will keep on working according to former setup.

  • Great programming capacity: The stainer can program and run different procedures needed for 48 sections at the same time.

  • When any operation breakdown occurs, press the red button on the display panel twice,then the equipment will stop working and restore to zero state.

  • Automatic reminding of reagent shortage: the equipment can estimate automatically whether the amount of the rest reagent is enough for current procedure. If the amount is not enough, the system will remind operator by dialogue box.

  • Automatic burettes cleaning: The system will automatically clean burettes each time after dropping reagent in order to avoid cross polution.


AIHS 620 Immunohistochemistry Stainer (hereafter Stainer for short) is an automatic equipment used for immunohistochemically processing the tissues of animal, plant and human body. It is the best choice for clinical pathological analysis and research due to its outstanding working capability.  This equipment functions automatically, and performs reliably, stably and accurately by adopting Microcomputer control system and by making full use of the design principle of mechanical and electrical integration. Operated easily, it improves the working efficiency, protects the health of operators and meets more requirements of environmental protection


Technical Parameter:

  • Maximal sections done at one time: 48

  • Reagent types: 64

  • Minimal drop amount: 50μl

  • Maximal output power: ≤350VA

  • Power Supply: 220V±10V 50Hz or 110V±10V 50Hz

  • Rated current: 1.6A

  • Continually working for 24 hours

  • Working noise: ≤60dB(A)

  • Outside dimentions: 1015 x 665 x 520 mm.


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