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CM-2850 Cryostat Microtome                                                                    Price: $17,900


The equipment contains the following main components:

  • A part of the panels are under computer control; temperature is shown; a part of the working conditions are shown

  • The middle part is the low-temperature freezing box for quick freezing of biopsy tissue and section cutting operations.

  • The lower part is the compressor unit for refrigeration.

  • The back middle part is for mechanical drive and motor drive.


CM-2850 Freezing Microtome is an equipment designed for pathological section analysis of human, animal and plant tissue used for sectioning refrigerant samples and making thin sections of samples. It is widely employed and applied in hospitals, medical colleges, and scientific research institutes of legal medical experts, animal and plant studies for pathological diagnosis, analysis and research, etc.

  • Section thickness range: 0~60μm adjustable.
  • When the thickness of section is between 1-30μm, the step value is 1μm; when thickness is between 35-60μm, the step values is 5μm. The thickness difference is +/-20%.
  • Temperature of freezing box: -15 C ~ -24 C adjustable.
  • Front to back movement of the sample arm: 10mm; top to bottom movement of the sample arm: 45mm.
  • Power supply: AC 220V +/-10%; 50Hz +/-1Hz or AC 110V +/-10%; 60Hz +/-1Hz
  • Input power: 850VA.
  • Dimension: 660 x 40 x 1130 mm
  • Machine weight: 110kg
  • Working noise: 65dB (A)


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