HESTION Histology Equipments


Every product is put through vigorous tests before shipment to ensure performance as well as durability. We feel quality control is a very crucial part of a product's life span. Our products have been thoroughly tested over a wide range of operating conditions. In order to ensure our product quality and reliability as well as to give the best service to every customer, all HESTION Histology products offered include warranty supported by our individual distributors with factory backup.



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Microscope Slide and Tissue Block Cabinet


B101 Slide Cabinet                                                                                     Price: $2,150



Standard one set: 12 rows with 72 drawers

Size: 1620 x 403 x 478 mm

Storage: 65,000 slides



B102 Dry Slide Cabinet with Plastic Tray                                                    Price: $2,150



B103 Paraffin Block Cabinet                                                                       Price: $2,150


Standard one set: 3 groups with 18 drawers

Size: 1295 x 450 x 478 mm

Storage: 15,000 blocks



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