E8 Variable Speed: E8C-U8AV-1503 Price: $550

This model is loaded with features and improvements, such as higher speeds for faster and cleaner separations, quieter operation for peaceful work environments, lower chamber temperatures for cooler test-tube samples, shorter height to fit under any cabinet, and auto-calibrating speed function for precision results. It even has an auto-brake to stop the rotor in less than 30 seconds to save time in the busy labs. The E8 family also includes a digital model, with no knobs and precise time and speed programs for CLIA compliance and the highest accuracy at an affordable price.  The E8 Variable will separate blood at 3500 rpm and can be slowed to separate other fluids at lower g-force, such as urine specimens as outlined by C.L.I.A. regulations.





Hand-Held Strobe Tachometer CNA-TACH-DHH7
Zip-IQ TT - Digital, 6pl angled Test Tube rotor (1-15ml), 5,000rpm, 0-Lock, 90-240v ZiC-06AD-15T3
ZipCombo MicroTube - Digital, 6pl rotor (0.5-2.0ml), 12,000rpm, 90-240v ZCC-06AD-02T3
USA MX12 MicroTube - Digital, 12pl rotor (1-2ml tubes), 12,000rpm, 110v MMC-12MD-02T1
USA MX12 MicroTube - Digital, 24pl rotor with lid (1-2ml tubes), 12,000rpm, 110v  MMC-24MD-02T1
USA E8F FIXED Speed, 8-place angled, 3-15ml, 3500rpm, timer, 90-240v E8C-U8AF-1503
USA E8V VAR Speed, 8-place angled, 3-15ml, 3500rpm, timer, 90-240v E8C-U8AV-1503
USA E8D DIGITAL 8-place angled, 3-15ml, 3500rpm, 90-240v E8C-U8AD-15T3
USA E8 Porta-Fuge FIXED 8-pl, 3500, timer, car seat, cig plug (12v CAR) E8C-U8AF-150P
USA E8 Porta-Fuge VARIABLE 8-pl, 3500rpm, timer, car seat, cig plug (12v CAR) E8C-U8AV-150P
USA E8 Porta-Fuge DIGITAL 8-place, 3500rpm, car seat, cig plug (12v CAR) E8C-U8AD-15TP
USA MXU DIGITAL 8-place ANGLED, 3-15ml, 3400rpm, 0-Lock, 90-240v MUC-08AD-15T3
USA MXU DIGITAL 6-place SWING-OUT, 3-15ml, 3400rpm, 0-Lock, 90-240v MUC-06SD-15T3
USA MX5 Digital, 8-place 3-15ml, Swing-out rotor, 5000rpm, 110v (220v avail) M5C-08SU-15T1
USA MX5 Digital, 24-place 3-15ml, Angled rotor, 5000rpm, 110v (220v avail) M5C-24AU-15T1
USA MX5 Digital, 24-place 3-10ml, Swing-out buckets, 5000rpm, 110v (220v avail) M5C-BKSU-15T1
USA MX5 Digital, 4-place 50ml, Swing-out buckets, 5000rpm, 110v (220v avail) M5C-BKSU-50T1
ZipCombo PCV - Digital, 12pl microcrit (40mm), 12,000rpm, EZ Reader, 90-240v ZCC-12HD-40T3
USA MX12 PCV - Digital, 24pl microcrit (75mm), 12,000rpm, reader disc, 110v  MHC-24HD-75T1
ZipCombo Digital, 6pl micro-tube (1-2ml) and 12pl crit (40mm) rotors, 90-240v ZCC-1206-77T3
USA MX12 Micro-Combo, Digital, 12pl microtube (1-2ml) & 24pl crit (75mm), 110v  MHC-2412-77T1
USA E8 Combo, Fixed-speed, Test-Tubes & Crits Carriers, 3500rpm, timer, 90-240v E8C-U8AF-CR03
USA E8 Combo, Variable, Test-Tubes & Crits Carriers, 3500rpm, timer, 90-240v E8C-U8AV-CR03
USA E8 Combo, Digital, Test-Tubes & Crits Carriers, 3500rpm, 90-240v E8C-U8AD-CRT3
USA MXU COMBO, Hybrid swing-out w/ Crit Carriers, 1-15ml, 3400rpm, 90-240v MUC-06HD-15T3
Combo V24T - Digital Centrifuge (no rotors - choose below) CMP-BX7N-77T1
        12pl test-tube rotor for Combo V24, w/ large and small tube sleeves CMP-RT12-15TT
        24pl metal test-tube rotor for Combo V24, w/ large metal & small tube sleeves CMP-RT24-15TT
        24pl micro-tube rotor for Combo V24 CMP-RT24-02MT
        24pl hematocrit rotor w/ reader disc for Combo V24 (75mm capillary tubes) CMP-RT24-75HE



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